Pairc and Kinloch HealthWalk Group enjoying a stroll to the Loch at the community woodland supported by Pairc Trust and Walk On Hebrides

As Covid-19 restrictions have eased recently, we’ve seen more visitors coming to the community woodland to enjoy the walks, the playground, paddle boarding and canoeing on the loch and generally enjoy being out of doors. Visitors have been making good use of the cabin in the main car park for shelter when the weather is inclement or the midges too fierce.

Children have had fun at the playground, especially since we have been able to treat the area to combat (for now at least) the reeds. Thank you to Iain and Rob for working on that area and making it more attractive and better to play in. The cabin now has a better rain water supply and again many thanks to the volunteers who have worked so hard to ensure it works and that the cabin facilities are clean and pleasant to use. Please do get in touch with Donnie or David if you are interested in taking part in maintaining the community woodland as a volunteer.