Young volunteers at Aline Community Woodland

Toward the end of last year, volunteers coordinated by Rob Tai finished planting tree seedlings on a section of the Community Woodland on the west side of Aline forest. Thank you to everyone involved including a couple of young folk who gave their time up for the project. All the support is much appreciated and makes a real contribution to the future of this fantastic resource.

New gate installed on the west side opposite the car park

Every weekend, our volunteers take turns in servicing the playground and car park cabins while also checking the swings and slides for safety, picking litter and taking note of any repairs that need to be undertaken to the fences, gates and boardwalks. Recently we had the west side gate repaired after storm damage and we hope its now actually much improved. We rely on our visitors to let us know if there are any issues that need to be dealt with and to help, where you can, to keep the woodland paths clear and safe.

New signage at the children’s playground

At the playground we have now erected a ‘no dogs’ sign and ask that everyone respects this request to ensure that children using the area are safe and that its kept as clean as possible. There is a public refuse bin in the car park. A new set of steps has also been constructed for the big slide to make it easier, and safer to climb to the top.

We are also planning to add visitor books to our cabins, so please leave a comment, suggestion or message if you have time.