Aline Community Woodland will soon be getting another 400 seedling trees delivered from The Woodland Trust to plant on our site. We need volunteers to help plant them during the second half of April. Its a really fun thing to do. We’ve had volunteers of all ages supporting our recent tree planting projects and we’d like to invite you to join us for the next sessions. Get in touch here, or on our Facebook and Instagram sites and we’ll let you know dates and times.

A brief update on the gate posts at the entrance to the pathway to Grigaspul by Loch Seaforth. Thank you for the really excellent work done to restore the gates to their former protective glory.

We also need to remind our visitors to please take rubbish home whenever you can and/or to use the bin provided in the car park. Dog owners: just a reminder that your pets are not allowed in the childrens’ playground to ensure that everyone is safe.