One of our intrepid volunteers checking and servicing the facilities

Our volunteers have continued through this autumn and winter to keep up with cleaning and servicing the cabins at the main car park and by the children’s play-park. Some work was completed to repair small sections of the boardwalk. Many thanks to visitors and friends of Aline for getting in touch to let us know where there has been a problem.

Repaired boardwalk

The newly laid and upgraded paths joining the new coach parking area and the main car park has been completed now. We are working on new signage for both car parks and updating the information plinth.

Recently the access slope up to small car park cabin was improved with a roll of chicken wire to help prevent slips. As always please be aware of the weather conditions when you are visiting and take care on the uneven stone paths and occasionally slippery boardwalks.

Slip prevention on the small cabin access slope