In this last week we have just concluded a feasibility study for the further development of Aline Community Woodland. The study was greatly assisted by the good offices of Community Energy Scotland and funded by Leader and HIE. The study has helped us develop our plans for the next few years and are focused on developing a Biomass business and to bring in more income to help develop the woodland through the installation of a wind turbine.

Initially we see the priority being the Biomass business focusing on the sale of firewood on a larger scale than at present and with volume production of small stove size logs as opposed to the larger logs sold currently.

We also need to undertake a lot more new planting of trees later this year and are working with the Forestry Commission on a revised plan to take this forward – so plenty to do and more volunteers required.

We also need to get the recreation area working better this year including better drainage of the area and converting the cabin into a more useful log cabin style building with tables and chairs and with changing room facilities. If you feel you can help we would be pleased to hear from you.

We also welcome all youth groups and schools to use our facilities. It’s great to see how the Harris Gun Club have developed their amazing facilities within our woodland and I’m sure there are other organisations out there who might want to work with us on developing new facilities.  There is plenty space for recreation as well as our need to improve the woodland area.

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Aline Recreation OpeningDespite the very cold and wet day we still had a great turnout for the opening of the new recreation area and the track to Grigaspul. Many Thanks to Big Lottery Community Spaces, HIE, CnES, NHS-WI, Bord na Gaidhlig and everyone involved in helping us get to this latest milestone. We now have a great community asset and already having lots of families using the woodland for rAline Recreation Opening dayecreation.

Our official opening will be this Saturday, 25th May at 11am. Everyone welcome! There will be a BBQ from 12pm.

Come and help plant some trees while you are here! Please bring a spade and suitable footwear.

Aline Main Board Map

If you want to buy logs please email or call 01851 880296 for more information. We sell logs by the trailer load as uncut lengths on Saturday mornings. See press for details on dates.

Logs will be for sale on 25th May, 8th June and 22nd June from 10.00AM to 11.00AM

Birds eye view

We had a great day for tree planting on Saturday 13th April and a lot of welcome volunteers on the day, some of whom are included in the group photo.

Treeplanting Volunteers

Treeplanting Volunteers

We will be announcing dates for  more Open Days, tree-planting and our official opening of the new Lottery funded tracks and the children’s recreation area here very soon. Open Days are expected to start in April and the opening in May. The track out to Grigaspul now reaches out to Loch Seaforth opening up this part of the woodland for the fist time. The views are spectacular on what we believe is the only long woodland walk outside of Stornoway. We are extremely grateful to Big Lottery for helping us to deliver this fantastic addition to the recreation available locally and benefiting the whole island and not just our local community.

If you want to buy logs please email or call 01851 880296 for more information. We sell logs by the trailer load as uncut lengths on Saturday mornings. See press for details on dates.

Next date is 25th May from 10.00AM to 11.00AM

If you would like to volunteer for tree-planting or other voluntary work please email